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CNotes, short for Contact Notes, is the ultimate extension to the built in Contacts application on the iPhone. With CNotes, you can write notes and associate them with the contacts in your iPhone (or iPod touch) address book. You can mark notes for follow up and set a follow up date. You can also flag notes to indicate their importance. You can view notes by contact, or you can see all notes that are marked for follow up or all notes that are flagged!

A demonstration of the CNotes application is available on youtube:

CNotes is the perfect sales tool as you can track all of your interactions with your clients and customers. Need to call a customer back on Friday? Add a note and mark it for follow up! Just get directions to a customer site? Just add them as a note for that customer and flag it!

Select View Contact Detail to link directly to the contact information with the ability to immediately call or initiate an email.

Once you try CNotes, you will appreciate its power and flexibility. CNotes is the perfect companion to manage all of your client and personal relationships.

If you think that you might like CNotes, try out the free CNotes Lite first, before you buy! Im sure that you will find CNotes a useful addition to your iPhone application collection.